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The UK CanSat Competition

The CanSat competition provides students with the opportunity to have practical experience working on a small-scale space project.

The CanSat competition
The CanSat competition

They are tasked with designing and building their own simulation of a real satellite, integrated within the volume and shape of a soft drink can. The challenge for students is to fit all the major subsystems found in a satellite, such as power, sensors and a communication system, into this minimal volume. After building their CanSat teams will be invited to launch events across the UK to launch their CanSats on small rockets, with their CanSats returning to Earth using a parachute designed by the students.

Teams are set a primary mission of measuring air pressure and air temperature during the CanSat's descent, with data being transmitted to the students' ground station. They are also tasked with designing a secondary mission of their choosing. It can be based on other satellite missions, a perceived need for scientific data for a specific project, a technology demonstration for a student-designed component, or any other mission that would fit the CanSat’s capabilities.

The competition runs from October - April each year.


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