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RHEA Develops BEROE Space Ground Segment for UK Ministry of Defence

RHEATECH Ltd has been selected by the UK MoD to develop a ground segment for a planned intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance satellite constellation linked to the ISTARI and MINERVA programmes, a core element of the UK’s £1.4 billion (€1.6 billion) space strategy.

Ground satellites

Based on RHEA’s operationally proven ASTRAL ground segment solution, BEROE will provide the UK MoD with a robust, secure and highly automated constellation control system capable of working with satellites from multiple manufacturers.

ISTARI is a 10-year, £968 million (€1.1 billion) programme that will deliver a multi-satellite system to support global surveillance and intelligence for military operations. Underpinning ISTARI is MINERVA, a £127 million (€145 million) project to develop a network of satellites to demonstrate the ability to autonomously collect, process and disseminate data from UK and allied space assets to support frontline military decision-making.


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