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Alnwick air cadets reach for the stars in rocket-launching challenge

RAF air cadets were flying high after enjoying success in a rocket launching competition.

1801 (Alnwick) Squadron RAF Air Cadets.

Members of 1801 (Alnwick) Squadron travelled to Elvington Airfield in York to compete in the north of England heat for the UK Youth Rocketry Challenge.

The young engineers were tasked with designing, building and launching a model rocket with a fragile payload.

This year the challenge was set to reach an altitude of 820ft with a flight duration of 43-46 seconds.

Team 1801 have been working hard on the challenge since October last year and over the next six months built six prototype rockets and completed more than 20 test launches, changing and adjusting their designs to settle on their final competition rocket.

The Alnwick team had two successful launches with the first reaching a height of 897ft in 37 seconds, totalling a score of 97, which put the team into second place.

The second launch reached a height of 727ft in 44 seconds and would have gained the team 93 points. However the flight was disqualified due to the egg payload gaining a crack . The team didn’t finish the day in first place so will now have to wait to see if the score of 97 will get them into the national finals in June.


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