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Space sustainability conference kicks off with £1.8 million for tech innovation

New funding from the UK Space Agency is backing technologies to help satellites measure our changing shorelines, estimate levels of biomass, predict weather forecasting, and manufacture medicines in space.

UK Space Agency graphic

The £1.8 million injection, divided across nine individual projects, rounds off the final phase of the agency’s Enabling Technologies Programme (ETP), designed to give a boost to British organisations with promising technologies to support the delivery of new space capabilities.

The funding is being announced on the opening day of the UK’s first In-Orbit Servicing and Manufacturing (IOSM) conference on the Harwell Science Campus.

IOSM is a crucial emerging technology that supports space sustainability by enabling spacecraft to be repaired and adjusted during flight. It also opens new possibilities for building products that we need on Earth, such as semiconductors, much more efficiently in the microgravity environment.


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