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Realsafe Technologies partners with ACR Bivy to use satellites to alert the Emergency Services

Look to the sky when all else fails…

ACR Bivy and Realsafe Technologies Collaborate to bring life-saving tech anywhere in the world. Kris Nieuwenhuis of Ocean Signal and ACR Electronics joins forces with Realsafe Technologies to announce the integration of their award-winning REALRIDER® app with the ACR Bivy Stick.

“No matter where your adventure takes you, this technology automatically alerts emergency services if a rider crashes and is unable to call for help. Say goodbye to mobile dead zones and ride with confidence!” – Kris Nieuwenhuis

Smartphone apps developed by Realsafe Technologies can save lives by automatically alerting the emergency services following a crash, but only if there’s cellular service. Now with the ACR Bivy Stick, it works anywhere in the world, especially for those taking their motorcycle adventures into the wilderness.


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