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Raytheon NORSS

NORSS were able to access a bespoke set of professional services and network to enable them to structure the business for scale-up through this programme.

In a testament to the power of strategic support, Business Durham, in collaboration with the erstwhile North East Satellite Applications Centre of Excellence, propelled a promising space situational awareness startup, NORSS, to remarkable heights back in 2017. This commendable feat was achieved through the judicious utilization of the UKSA-funded Space Incubator programme.

The partnership between NORSS and Business Durham was a symbiotic endeavour, enabling the fledgling company to tap into a tailored suite of professional services and a thriving network. This invaluable support laid the foundation for NORSS to construct a business model primed for expansion and scalability.

Fast forward to autumn 2022, and NORSS stood as a formidable force in the space industry, having burgeoned into a thriving entity with 26 dedicated employees. This meteoric rise culminated in a pivotal milestone: the acquisition of NORSS by the esteemed aerospace and defence giant, Raytheon.

This acquisition stands as a resounding testament to the efficacy of Business Durham's incubation program and the visionary guidance provided by the North East Satellite Applications Centre of Excellence. Together, they nurtured NORSS from its nascent stages, transforming it into a robust player in the space situational awareness domain.

Under the expert guidance and support provided by Business Durham and its partner, NORSS not only survived the competitive landscape of the space industry but thrived. The tailored services and extensive network proved instrumental in fortifying the company's operational framework and nurturing its growth trajectory.

Today, NORSS stands as a shining example of what strategic collaboration and targeted support can achieve in the realm of technology startups. Its acquisition by Raytheon not only validates the calibre of NORSS' endeavours but also underscores the critical role played by Business Durham and the North East Satellite Applications Centre of Excellence in shaping the future of the space industry.

As we reflect on NORSS' remarkable journey, it serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring startups in the space sector. It demonstrates that with the right support and a clear vision, even the most audacious dreams can take flight and reach new heights in the boundless expanse of space technology.


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