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Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin

In 2021, Invest North East England facilitated a groundbreaking collaboration between Lockheed Martin UK and the NE Satellite Applications Centre of Excellence, which has since evolved into the dynamic Space North East England initiative. This partnership was a pivotal moment for the region's burgeoning space community, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and collaboration.

Since the inception of this partnership, Lockheed Martin UK has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to driving progress in North East England. Their investment portfolio has spanned a diverse range of initiatives, each strategically designed to catalyze growth and development. One of the standout endeavours is the transformative alliance forged with Northumbria University. This collaboration has become a linchpin for advancing skills, research, and technology across the region.

The synergy between Lockheed Martin UK and Northumbria University has yielded a multitude of benefits for the local community. Together, they have been instrumental in nurturing a talent pipeline equipped with cutting-edge knowledge and skills relevant to the rapidly evolving space industry. This dynamic partnership has not only empowered students with invaluable experiential learning opportunities but has also contributed significantly to the advancement of research endeavours in the sector.

In a parallel effort to democratise access to global opportunities, Lockheed Martin UK embarked on another game-changing collaboration in 2022, this time with RTC North. This strategic union was strategically crafted to bolster small and medium enterprises, affording them unparalleled access to a spectrum of programs spanning the UK, US, and the global arena. By fostering such connections, Lockheed Martin UK and RTC North are igniting a new era of growth for local businesses, amplifying their potential on a global stage.

The impact of these collaborations reverberates throughout North East England, propelling the region to the forefront of the space industry. The strategic investments and partnerships spearheaded by Lockheed Martin UK have created a ripple effect, driving economic prosperity, innovation, and technological advancement. The initiatives not only fortify the local ecosystem but also position North East England as a beacon of excellence in the wider space community.

In conclusion, the visionary collaborations between Lockheed Martin UK, Invest North East England, Northumbria University, and RTC North have transformed the landscape of the region's space sector. These strategic partnerships serve as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in propelling industries forward. Through their unwavering commitment, Lockheed Martin UK has played a pivotal role in shaping a future where North East England stands as a powerhouse in the global space arena.


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