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Filtronic continues penetration of Low Earth Orbit market, with new contract win.

Filtronic, the leading RF designer and manufacturer of products for the aerospace, defence, telecoms infrastructure and space markets, is pleased to announce a new contract win with a leading global provider of low Earth orbit (“LEO”) satellite communications equipment.

The contract, valued at $4.25m (£3.4m), with revenue expected to be recognised in FY 2024, is for the supply of Filtronic’s innovative Cerus 32 solid state power amplifier (“SSPA”) module combined with a customised control board. The SSPA modules will be installed in selected ground station locations for the second phase of the customer’s earth station antenna deployment which is designed to provide full E-band connectivity to recently launched E-band enabled LEO satellites. This programme is the first time that high bandwidth E-band frequencies have been successfully utilised, in volume, in a commercial global LEO space application.


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