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the North East to a galaxy of opportunity.

Our vision is to build the best possible ecosystem to create North East England as a world-class, vibrant UK region for space businesses to grow.

Who we are

Space North East England brings together businesses, academia and institutions to unlock the opportunities within the space sector in our region.


We stretch from the Scottish borders in Northumberland through Tyne & Wear and County Durham to Tees Valley. 

Our activities are focused locally, but our thinking is global. 

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Space North East England

Space North East England

What we do

Cluster development & networking

Working with organisations who are passionate about the space sector through events and projects, and connecting them also to those who are like-minded nationally and internationally. 

Business Engagement

A gateway for businesses to access funding, expertise, facilities and supply chain opportunities. Whether you have 20 years of sector experience or a complete novice to the space sector, we’re here to help. 

Collaboration brokerage

We can help spot opportunities and contacts for commercial and research opportunities. These can be business-to-business, business-to-academia or academia-to-academia. 

Capability building

Putting the building blocks to help space businesses in the region to thrive and scale up. This means working with partners to provide excellent facilities, expertise and programmes for innovation and business growth. 

Market animation with end-users

Our job is also about helping communities and decision-makers understand that space is much more than just rockets and astronauts; that it is very much already in our everyday lives. 


Influencing and working with partners to ensure we have the right skills in the region. This ranges from supporting the outreach work to inspire future generations to growing in-demand talent in the ecosystem. 

What is our region focused on?

We are dedicated to support pioneering advancements in space technologies and exploration. Resilient communications – both RF and optical - lie at the heart of our mission, ensuring seamless connectivity even in the most challenging environments.

Our focus on space sustainability underscores our dedication to preserving the cosmic environment for future generations. We harness the power of Earth Observation (EO) to combat climate change, utilising cutting-edge technology to monitor and mitigate its effects.

To explore the wealth of resources and facilities available within our region, please contact us


Join us on the journey of new space, where ingenuity meets sustainability.

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Discover the Universe with Space North East England

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