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ExoAnalytic Solutions Announces Planned Acquisition of UK Startup 3S Northumbria

ExoAnalytic Solutions, a global leader in space domain awareness (SDA) services, is pleased to announce its intent to acquire UK-based startup 3S Northumbria.

3S Northumbria logo

This acquisition will establish 3S Northumbria as a wholly-owned subsidiary of ExoAnalytic Solutions, significantly enhancing the availability of commercial SSA capabilities to the UK Government and allied entities.

ExoAnalytic Solutions has been at the forefront of space surveillance and tracking, utilizing its extensive network of telescopes and sophisticated software to provide real-time data and analytics on objects in orbit. The acquisition of 3S Northumbria, a startup known for its innovative approaches to space technology and data integration, represents a strategic move to strengthen ExoAnalytic's presence in the UK and Europe.


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