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Telespazio UK



Telespazio UK

With a pedigree in space technology stretching back over 40 years, Telespazio UK (TPZ UK) is an experienced consulting, technology, engineering, space operations and service development business.

A subsidiary of Telespazio S.p.A in Rome, TPZ UK has built its first-class reputation by exploiting technology developments in Earth Observation, Satellite Communications and resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT), pioneering innovative services in space operations and applications.

Telespazio is involved in the majority of ESA programs, including space exploration, Earth Observation, Satellite Navigation, launchers and human space flight.

TPZ UK is trusted to deliver the high value, high quality systems and services expected by its customers. It offers solutions and services in three main lines of business: System Development & Mission Support, Geo Information & Satellite Imaging Services, and Satellite Communications.

Other key capabilities cover Climate Change, Systems Engineering and Programme Support.

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