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North East Technology Park (NETPark), Thomas Wright Way, Sedgefield, NETPark, UK



Filtronic has been a major mmWave technology provider to the non-terrestrial and near space ‘H A P S and LEO industries for several years.

Filtronic have a bespoke product range that includes transmit and receive modules, power-amplifiers, transceivers, MCP s, SIP s and filters, operating from DC to more than 100GHz.

In HAPS and LEO satellite applications Filtronic have a track record enabling ultra-high-capacity gateway and inter-platform communication links, via their next generation, high-performance transceiver modules. With in-house engineering expertise to design and manufacture highly integrated microwave and mmWave subsystems, coupled with a clear strategy and product road map, Filtronic are well positioned to address the challenges of space and satellite communications as it moves into an era of higher capacity, higher volume systems.

Facilities Available

No facilities available 

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