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Durham University

Durham University, Stockton Road, Durham, UK


Durham University

Durham University has a significant amount of research interest and expertise in the space sector
across several different research groups. As well as being one of the highest ranked Universities
globally for space science, these capabilities include:

Making and developing the optical components that go into space and earth observation
systems through the Centre for Advanced Instrumentation (C f A I). Experience includes the James
Webb telescope.

Developing the hardware, software and payload for high and low altitude U A V systems through
the Unmanned Airborne Instrumentation Group

Optical communication and corrections for atmospheric turbulence

Geographical applications of remote sensing technology

Data sciences: artificial intelligence and machine learning

The University’s space scientists are among the world’s most cited and are at the forefront of
research that is furthering our understanding of the universe and the exploration of space.

Facilities Available

No facilities available

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