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Helen Schell



Helen Schell

Helen Schell is a visual artist and space science educator based in North East England, specialising in space exploration and settlement projects (Moon, Mars and space stations).

She partners with Science and Technology Facilities Council, SunSpaceArt, SciArt Exchange, Science Museum, Royal Astronomical Society, Institute of Physics and many U K universities (Durham, Newcastle, Sunderland, UCLan, Cambridge, O U, and Northumbria). She has connections with NASA (J S C and Goddard) and works on E S A/U K Space Agency education and careers programmes (E S E R O space ambassador).

She has won the Sir Arthur Clarke Award for Outreach three times (individual and in teams), devising space themed workshops for 4000 participants annually, and art exhibitions for more than 30,000, through her project, ‘The Human Spaceship’ (visual perception in altered gravity).

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