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Levelling-up boost for the UK space sector with new funding for growth

Eighteen projects aimed at boosting the space sector across the UK are to receive funding from the UK Space Agency.

The £6.5 million includes support for high impact, locally led schemes and space cluster development managers to help the space sector grow across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Two projects will be led from Newcastle University:

  • Building on the University's strengths in data and geospatial engineering, the £20k R2-D2 project will explore the the potential for satellite data to improve emergency management in North East England.

  • A further £18k will fund a study to identify regional space capabilities, skills and challenges in natural capital and ecosystem services monitoring and management. The project will be led from the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences and the National Innovation Centre for Rural Enterprise that the Unviersity co-leads.


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